This week’s events!

Hey everyone,
We’re having a whole bunch of events at the end of this short week.

[important title=”Seminar & Entertainment Night”]
DATE AND TIME: Thursday, November 14 5:30 PM – 9:00 PM (6:00-7:00PM for the seminar)
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The seminar will feature Dr. Grant and his topic on pharmacogenetics, aromatic amine toxicity, and liver cancer.
Feel free to drop by after the seminar at any time from 7-9 if you have classes before. There will be
free food, drinks and snacks (popcorn!) that we guarantee to not be pizza!

[important title=”BLIMP Joint Games Night”]
DATE AND TIME: Friday, November 15 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM (5:45PM for group meet-up)
LOCATION: Cat’s Eye (Goldring Centre, 160 Charles St. W)
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This is a joint games (board games, cards, pool, video game) night taking place on Friday night. Make some friends with people in other majors! Again, there will be free food and drink. If you don’t know where the location is, we’ll be having a group meet up at 5:45 by the Tim Horton’s in MSB to walk together to the cafe.

Come out and have some fun before finals!
Your PTSA execs