Mentee Applications!

Hey everyone!

The time has come… our mentee applications are finally up! Interested in having someone guide you through our program, or even just make a cool friend? PTSA Mentorship is an amazing opportunity for you to be able to connect with knowledgeable and experienced students in our program to give you advice, listen, and just be your friend!

We have a lot of new and exciting activities, workshops and events for you – this is something you DON’T WANT TO MISS

For more details and how to register for our mentorship program, visit our mentorship page. Deadline to apply is September 27th!

Your PTSA Exec Team


Mentor Applications 2017-2018 Update

Hey everyone!

Applications for our mentor-ship program are now up! Want to make an impact within our PharmTox community? Then this is the perfect opportunity to show off your leadership skills and create lasting connections with students in our department!

For more information on how to apply as a mentor, please visit our Mentorship page for an in-depth description and steps on how to proceed.

If you are or know someone who is interested in signing up with a mentor as a mentee, applications will be up shortly so stay tuned!

Have a great summer,

Your PTSA Team

Mentor Applications 2017-2018

The PTSA will be looking for mentors to participate in our peer mentorship program! Interested students should be 3rd year or higher and will be paired with a new 2nd year student in the program. Stay tuned and check out the Mentorship tab for further details!

Course Commentary 2017

Hi everyone,

We hope you’re having an amazing summer so far! As course selections are coming up in a few weeks, your opinions, tips, and comments about PCL courses have been collected and we appreciate those who shared with everyone their knowledge and advice for our annual Course Commentary and Guide!

Your PTSA Exec Team